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Discover the finest selection of toilets that blend style, comfort, and water-saving technology at Williams Kitchen & Bath. Surprisingly, there are many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.


We Offer A Vast Selection of Premium Toilets for Your Bathroom Projects

Many customers are surprised at the number of options available for toilets. While most standard toilets are between 27–32 inches tall and roughly 30 inches long, there are also elongated options that are easier to use for those with mobility issues. Water conservation is also important. We have a number of models that use less water, saving you money. You can also explore higher-tech options, such as bidets, to add luxury to your bathroom setup.

When looking for top-quality toilets and bathroom fixtures, choosing Williams Kitchen & Bath is an excellent decision. With years of experience in the industry, Williams offers a vast selection of premium toilets from reputable brands like Gerber and Toto, ensuring durability and performance. Our knowledgeable design team can assist you in selecting the ideal toilet that suits your bathroom layout and preferences.

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Toto toilets are known for their cutting-edge technology and water-saving solutions. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Toto toilets deliver powerful flush performance using minimal water. Explore the cutting-edge designs and advanced features of Toto toilets, perfect for creating an eco-friendly bathroom. Our Williams Studio in Kentwood has the best display of Toto toilets in West Michigan.

Gerber toilets are synonymous with reliability and quality craftsmanship. Crafted with precision, Gerber toilets offer outstanding flushing performance while conserving water. These toilets blend classic design with modern functionality, making them an excellent addition to any bathroom.

Add luxury to your bathroom when you choose a bidet. Although bidet attachments are available to convert a normal toilet into a bidet, choosing a bidet toilet for your new home or remodeling project ensures high functionality and maximum comfort. 

Keep it simple with a wall-mounted urinal for your bathroom. Although more commonly seen in public restrooms, an in-home urinal can be a more accessible option for men who may struggle with mobility issues. Older men may find it useful for more frequent nighttime bathroom trips. It can also be a space-saver for an all-male household.

Find Discount Toilets at the Williams Outlet

Discover exceptional deals on high-quality toilets at the Williams Outlet. Our outlet offers a selection of discounted toilets from top brands, providing you with the opportunity to find your ideal toilet at a more affordable price. Take advantage of these special offers to upgrade your bathroom without compromising on quality.

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