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A shower isn’t complete without a great shower head and shower valve to make the experience feel luxurious. Explore what makes these components essential for your showering experience.


We Offer Complete Shower Solutions for your Bathroom Renovations

Thanks to greater customization options with shower heads and valves, showering has become something of a customizable experience. Detachable, rainfall, and high-pressure shower head options have become the norm in many households. At Williams Kitchen & Bath, we offer a massive selection of shower styles, including wide and multi-setting head options. Shower heads and valves come at multiple price points and with different temperature and pressure features.

Let our team of design experts, with access to the top brands in shower and plumbing fixtures, guide you through the design process, saving you time and frustration in the long run. Even after your contractor finishes working on your shower upgrade or renovation, our design experts will stay in touch with you so you know your new shower valves and shower heads are working as intended.

Learn More About the Shower Heads and Valves Available at Williams

Fixed shower heads are permanently affixed to the wall roughly five or six feet from the shower floor. These can come with multiple pressure and spray options, from massage to mist to rainfall. While high-end options are available, there are also simple, affordable models to those looking for a more luxurious showering experience.

Ideal for those of us who want more flexibility than a fixed shower head can offer, handheld shower heads allow you to achieve a new level of luxury and cleanliness.

Shower systems include both fixed and handheld shower heads. Some shower systems might also have heads mounted at multiple points in the wall to hit multiple points on the body.

The shower valve is the device within the wall that regulates the water flow and temperature when you’re using the shower and controls how the shower valve sends hot or cold water out of your shower head. Newer shower valves also include anti-scald and pressure-balancing features.

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